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At OSL we realise that an IT budget is not endless and that in some cases you are capable of certain network and IT tasks yourself. We pride ourselves on offering value added support that enhances your own knowledge and capabilities, maximises the potential of your network and IT investment, and allows you time to focus on your core business.

· Telephone Support - help when you need it

· Dial In Support - Remote support for you machines and devises direct to your desk top. This service provides speed and efficiency to quickly get you working again

· On-Site Maintenance - Everything needs some attention now and again. Time spent on maintenance is seldom wasted.

· Disaster Recovery - Armageddon can strike at any time. What would you do?

· Network Auditing Do you have an idle asset? Are you maximizing your business equipments potential. Would a network improve efficiency?

· Hardware and Software Supply - Its sometimes possible to repair rather than replace. Either way competitive rates are guaranteed.

· Wide Area Networking and Remote User Support. - Would it make sense to connect your remote sales forces? Do all your premises communicate with each other?

· Security Applications - Fear of the unknown is only suppressed through knowledge. Most security threats are preventable. Services include physical location and theft prevention, user security and sophisticated electronic threats from external sources. Today’s networks need to cope with Viruses, SPAM, Hackers and Disgruntled Employees.

· Professional Projects Consultancy – Need some sound advice or project managements, we have experience from a wide range of varying projects.

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