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Support with Bi-Monthly on site visits from £ 4200 p/a

Medium Sized Small Businesses


OSL has found that some businesses have staff who can deal with day to day queries within the company, but are not dedicated IT Support staff, nor do they have the time to devote to IT maintenance. Having OSL as you Virtual IT Department gives you the security of having specialist knowledge on hand when needed. You also have the comfort of knowing regular on site visits mean you network is not slowly going astray!

 Bi Monthly On Site Visit -† Due to your organisations size it may be necessary to visit your site every other month.

 Telephone Support - at the end of the line.

 Remote dial in support - to give support right to your desktop.

 Emergency Engineer Callout - Sometimes the unexpected happens, emergency callouts are covered in the price of the package.

 Network Audit and Monitoring - Do you know how your network is built? Did your network grow from 2 PCs in an unstructured format† to an unmanaged mess?

 Network Security - As your network has grown, has your security reduced? Who can now access your sensitive data?

 Project planning - Ensure your network or IT infrastructure is able to cope with your business growth.

 Hardware and Software - Supply, Installation and Configuration.

 Disaster Recovery - Ensure your data is properly backed up and checked regularly.

 Third Party Warranty Management - As and when hardware breaks down OSL will do the legwork for you when it comes to chasing suppliers and getting engineers on to site to repair or replace faulty products still under warranty.

 Wide Area Networking - Do you have multiple offices or a warehouse in a different location? Using new technologies, offices and warehouses can now be securely linked into your head office systems without the need for expensive leased lines.

 Virtual Private Networks - Allow your sales staff to access the office systems whilst on the road. Give yourself the option of working from home with full secure access to your office.

Third Party Warranty Management

Silver Service

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